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Key Replacement in Medford, Or has never been simpler.  Our 24 hour key replacement service is available every hour of the day and every day of the year, so if you lose or break a key, you know you can always count on Locksmith Medford OR to see you within 30 minutes of you calling our professional lock and key company!

While we have been replacing lost, broken, or stolen keys for commercial, automotive, and residential clients in the state of Oregon for almost ten years, we are actually somewhat new to Medford.  With the help of Oregonians everywhere, we are seeking to expand our company so that we can provide quality key replacement services to anyone in need!

Locksmith Medford encourages you to mention this ad if you are in need of our key replacement service.  By referencing this box, we provide $20 off any key replacement service for this month only! This does not work with any other promotional offers.

Local Key Replacement Services

When you call  our company, knowing exactly which service you need is crucial to our sending the most appropriate key replacement technician to your location.

Car Key Replacement

If you misplaced the only key to your car or motorcycle, then you have found a great company to get you back on the road as soon as possible.  Some of the biggest bonuses to using our key replacement service is tCar-Key-Replacement-Medford-OR (1)hat we can see you the same day you call us and we come right to you!  That’s right, we are a mobile company, so you do not have to have your vehicle towed to our store or wait several business days to see one of our technicians!

Once you call our company, it helps to know the make, model, and year of the vehicle.  Once we have that information, we can ascertain exactly what kind of ignition and key you have.  Transponder keys and high security keys are more difficult to replace than keys without fobs, as we have to track down a code for the key.  Once we have the code, we can program your key so that you can be on your way!

Lost Home Key?

Losing the only key to your house or apartment might seem like a nightmare, but there is one simple solution.  While we can not make a key to fit the locks as they currently are, what we can do is “re key” the locks.  Basically, while the outer lock remains the same, we will need to replace the existing tumbler with a new one.  Lock rekey is much cheaper than full on lock replacement, and in this case, lock rekey is all you really need.  Once we rekey the locks to your home, all unaccounted for keys that once unlocked your home locks will no longer work.  However, we will supply you with new ones!

Replace A Business Key

Business keys, as with many car keys, are typically pricy a pain to replace.  However, depending on the nature of your business lock and key system, our commercial key replacement team can provide new keys for even the most secure locks.  Replacing a key for a business is almost always unique to the individual client in question.  If you lost the keys to your business or even if you misplaced the key to a lockbox or other door inside your business, then do not hesitate to call our locksmith company today!

24 Hour Mobile Locksmith Services in Medford, Oregon.