How Is Lock Rekey Different From Lock Replacement?

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One of the most common questions that we see in the locksmith industry deals with some of the subtle (and less so) differences between the many lock services that exist for homes, vehicles, commercial buildings, warehouses, restaurants, storefronts, industrial complexes, etc. Our professional lock services in Medford include repairing broken locks, changing locks, installing new locks (including drilling), and the most common, lock rekey.

What is Lock Rekey? What is Lock Replacement?

I am going to use this time to thoroughly differentiate the two services to hopefully provide a little more information to both potential customers and those just looking for a bit of information to satisfy that sense of curiosity!

Lock Rekey

Lock rekey is a specific service, meant to provide people new keys for the existing locks while simultaneously preventing their older keys from functioning. Lock rekey is possible by taking the “guts” of the lock out and configuring them to work with new keys as opposed to the old ones.

Lock rekey is a common service that for residential customers and commercial customers alike. The number one thing to remember about lock rekey is that we leave the bulk of the lock intact and only change the lock’s existing, internal configuration.

Lock Replacement

Lock replacement is probably a bit more obvious than lock rekey and involves, well, replacing the entire lock. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. When you request the assistance of a professional locksmith service for lock replacement, a brand new lock will be installed.

Lock replacement is more common for commercial and residential customers than it is for automotive customers. On the other hand, our technicians, along with any capable locksmith, can also rekey or replace the locks on vehicles as well.

When should I rekey my locks? When should I replace them?

This is a great question that we come across almost every single day. In fact, a large portion of people seeking lock replacement are actually better off having their locks rekeyed instead of replaced. Replacing locks is typically recommended when an existing lock is broken or no longer functioning in an appropriate manner. We also recommend replacement if you have better looking locks or ones that offer more apt security to your home or business.

Lock rekey is a great service for anyone who has recently moved into a new home or for landlords who want to ensure that previous tenants no longer have access to their old apartments. If you are happy with your current locks and the condition that they are in but you want to prevent unauthorized access, then you are in need of a professional lock rekey service. Furthermore, rekeying is typically a good deal cheaper than replacement!

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